Tuesday, 14 August 2012

*New at Believe shop*

HEY ALL :) just a quick post to let you all know I've added a few more products at my shop *Believe Jewellery* I will be giving my blog a new make over in the next few weeks and setting out the shop more clearly, please take a look, follow my page and spread the word.... have a nice day, enjoy the sunshine!


Monday, 13 August 2012

Work hard, Spend hard #1

Hey Sweeties! So today me and the bestie had a shopping trip at cardiff in aim to find a V Festival Outfit, Could we find one? no. Not finding shops that great at the moment which i hate to say! Had a lovely TGI Fridays though and i'm still stuffed now!

So i got a few bits and bobs...
 - Leopard Print Chelsea Boots- Newlook (Inlove with these)
- Scarf print skirt- Primark (sale)
- Studded Denim Jacket- Primark (believe it or not!)
- Pink and black bow jelly shoes- Accessorize
- Cross bead bracelets- International
- Red and gold bracelet and gold skull bracelet- Both International

 have a nice evening all :)


Thursday, 9 August 2012


Hey all :) So today was the first time i have ever, ever worn a maxi skirt. I fancied a change and didn't think i could pull it off cause I'm so short but I'm quite pleased with it. It is so comfortable and you can wear it whatever the weather! this is also the first time iver ever did a different shape with hairbands, made it into a bow today! oh yes and how could i not mention i now have a lovely Iphone and got rid of the brick, love my sparkly bling case and i can no keep on top of my blogging yay!.

Maxi Skirt- River Island
Vest- Topshop
Hairband- Primark
Skull bracelet- International
Peace and love beads- hand made,check out my shop :)!
Rings- mixed primark and topshop

check out my what jewellery i currently have for sale and follow guys :)  


Monday, 6 August 2012

Get Creative!

Hey Beautiful bloggers! been a while since Ive been on here, life's been none stop lately, I'm back and plan on blogging more frequently, i have a new found love of making jewellery, Ive never been the creative type, but i think Ive got the hang of this one! so the pictures above are of some of the necklaces and beads I've been making, my friends love them and have started to buy them off me so i thought id put some for sale on my blog :)

Check out the link if your interested guys :)

Kayleigh xxxx

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Hunt to find the perfect foundation #1

Hey Bloggers! Right so im 100% fed up of having to re-apply my foundation everyday, and also having to buy extra products to get the texture or colour right! so i am officialy on the hunt to find my perfect foundation, so every couple of weeks/month i will be trialing a foundation. My first foundation is from a brand i have NEVER ever used before- BOURJIOS paris.  The name of the foundation is flower perfection, it claims to give a full coverage, matter finish and last for 16hours. its comes in a pump bottle with a sponge.

What i say:-

1- First of all, the foundation smells amazing, possibly the best smelling foundation so far!
2- The sponge is soft and applys the foundation well, impressed with the sponge!
3- The product matched my skin colour to a T!
4- The foundation felt light and soft on my skin, it applied realy well
5- I was impressed with the coverage, i did have to build the foundation up a little bit though..
6- Unfortunatly i did have to re-apply, but it was a minute amount that needed doing!

Overall result- 8/10

Monday, 7 May 2012

Swarovski Nails

First things first (excuse the bad fake tan hand haha) SOO as a treat of the most amazing boyfriend, he took me to have my nails done ( this doesnt happen often with my dental nursing because were not allowed to wear nail varnish- sad times). The beauty salon in my local area has just started doing swarovski nails, normally they just put one crystal on the nail but I just thought it would look cool to have them pilled onto one and the rest black, and you know what, i think they look pretty good myself! i'm going to miss them :(

Anyone else got some different nail tips whether it's DIY or Professionaly done?

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Kayleigh xxx

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Items that need to be in my Wardrobe

No.1 Must Have x
No.2 Must Have x

No.3 Must Have x
No.4 Must Have x
No.5 Must Have that i cannot afford, CRY!

Hey Everyone!! Hope everyone has had a more productive couple of days compared to me! So this is my first lot of must haves, as you can proberly tell, i'm a bit of a girly girl and live in two things- Dresses and Leggings!! the aztec dress from river island is gorgeous and comes at the resonable price for......wait for it.... £20!! Bargin!! Love this skirt from miss selfrige however i think i need to loose a few more pounds to pull it off, BTW ive nopw hit my target of half a stone in a month, Yay me! loads more pounds to shed though, bad times. Get following beauties!

Kayleigh xxx