Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Items that need to be in my Wardrobe

No.1 Must Have x
No.2 Must Have x

No.3 Must Have x
No.4 Must Have x
No.5 Must Have that i cannot afford, CRY!

Hey Everyone!! Hope everyone has had a more productive couple of days compared to me! So this is my first lot of must haves, as you can proberly tell, i'm a bit of a girly girl and live in two things- Dresses and Leggings!! the aztec dress from river island is gorgeous and comes at the resonable price for......wait for it.... £20!! Bargin!! Love this skirt from miss selfrige however i think i need to loose a few more pounds to pull it off, BTW ive nopw hit my target of half a stone in a month, Yay me! loads more pounds to shed though, bad times. Get following beauties!

Kayleigh xxx


  1. 2o quid for that dress :O wowza. Republic have some reallly nice one's in there at the moment too!xx

  2. i havnt been in there for a while actualy il have to have a look :)!xx

  3. Adoring your no 3!!
    Would love you to stop by my blog & check out my latest post :)
    Happy Wednesday Hun xoxo

  4. I love 2,3,4 I would never be able to walk in them heals tho hehee. I am loving Lilac at the moment and even dyed my hair lilac so love the dress, I am obsessed with different patterned leggings to an need them in my life! And I love the skirt but want one in black. xx

  5. no i don't think i could either haha! awr i wish i had the guts to dye my hair lilac ive wanted to do it for ages! got the skirt in the pink and black, lush material :)!xxx