Saturday, 12 May 2012

Hunt to find the perfect foundation #1

Hey Bloggers! Right so im 100% fed up of having to re-apply my foundation everyday, and also having to buy extra products to get the texture or colour right! so i am officialy on the hunt to find my perfect foundation, so every couple of weeks/month i will be trialing a foundation. My first foundation is from a brand i have NEVER ever used before- BOURJIOS paris.  The name of the foundation is flower perfection, it claims to give a full coverage, matter finish and last for 16hours. its comes in a pump bottle with a sponge.

What i say:-

1- First of all, the foundation smells amazing, possibly the best smelling foundation so far!
2- The sponge is soft and applys the foundation well, impressed with the sponge!
3- The product matched my skin colour to a T!
4- The foundation felt light and soft on my skin, it applied realy well
5- I was impressed with the coverage, i did have to build the foundation up a little bit though..
6- Unfortunatly i did have to re-apply, but it was a minute amount that needed doing!

Overall result- 8/10


  1. I HATE having to find foundation, but I personally use Makeup Forever and love it :)

    Want to follow each other? Let me know!

    Belle De Jour

    1. oh i've never heard of that?
      Have to look into it!

      Okay hun