Monday, 7 May 2012

Swarovski Nails

First things first (excuse the bad fake tan hand haha) SOO as a treat of the most amazing boyfriend, he took me to have my nails done ( this doesnt happen often with my dental nursing because were not allowed to wear nail varnish- sad times). The beauty salon in my local area has just started doing swarovski nails, normally they just put one crystal on the nail but I just thought it would look cool to have them pilled onto one and the rest black, and you know what, i think they look pretty good myself! i'm going to miss them :(

Anyone else got some different nail tips whether it's DIY or Professionaly done?

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Kayleigh xxx


  1. I do love the idea of having one nail covered they look great! And I love the point I want to try these out but I am not to sure if I'll so the point style nails. How much did these cost if you don't mind me asking? I try and do my own nail art, I will be putting some more of what I have done up soon :) xxx

  2. I got them done for £50 sweety, not somthing i could afford everyday but i had a bargin, because they only just started doing it the agreed if i had some pictures taken they would do it for that price :) normally its £6 per crystal!! wish i could do DIY im just not neat and creative enough :/ i will keep a look out :)!xxx

  3. These are gorgeous! Such a different look. Don't think they would last long on me, but great for special occasions :D


    1. No there definitely special occasion nails haha! there not the longest lasting but look lush for a few days :) xxxx