Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Items that need to be in my Wardrobe

No.1 Must Have x
No.2 Must Have x

No.3 Must Have x
No.4 Must Have x
No.5 Must Have that i cannot afford, CRY!

Hey Everyone!! Hope everyone has had a more productive couple of days compared to me! So this is my first lot of must haves, as you can proberly tell, i'm a bit of a girly girl and live in two things- Dresses and Leggings!! the aztec dress from river island is gorgeous and comes at the resonable price for......wait for it.... £20!! Bargin!! Love this skirt from miss selfrige however i think i need to loose a few more pounds to pull it off, BTW ive nopw hit my target of half a stone in a month, Yay me! loads more pounds to shed though, bad times. Get following beauties!

Kayleigh xxx

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Necklace Dorothy Perkins Vest Topshop Blazer Newlook Leggings International Boots River island

So my proud new purchase is this cross necklace from dorothy perkins £7.50 not too bad!! Time to get the boots out again today by the looks of this terrible weather CRY! Start following beauties :)!

Kayleigh xxx

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

New bling Yay

My boyfriend spoils me!! he knows me to well, anything sparkly will cheer me up thankyou love you lots! Love these bracelets there everywhere lately, pink one is definatly my fav! blue one is deffo my next target though! You cannot go wrong with swarovski jewellery, one to add to my collection :) time to put my new bling on and get ready for work, CRY! Hope everyone has a more productive day than me!

Kayleigh xxx

Monday, 2 April 2012


Blazer Newlook Black vest Topshop Scarf and Shades Primark Bag Matalan Beads Dorothy Perkins Leggings River island

Love my pastels and blazers this season :)! I adore my new beads, Dorothy Perkins had a 30% off Jewellery day PLUS I could use my student discount ontop of that which was an extra 10%! = happy girly!

Kayleigh xxx